Which tool should I use?

Which tool should I use? Understand the difference between create, review, translate and all other tools so you need which fits your needs
Here at Ooona Tools, we love making tools.

We understand that a new customer might not realize what is the purpose of each tool and why there are so many so at this article you'll get a short overview of each tool.

The bottom line

  • To create a subtitles file from scratch - use Create.
    Even though you can export a closed captions file using the Create app, if you only target Closed Captions you should use the Closed Captions tool that contains more specific features like placing, style and split captions.

  • To translate an existing subtitles file (timed master template) to a new language use Translate.

  • To go through a file, fix issues, track changes and/or share it with your client (with or without a password) to go through use Review.

  • If you only need to convert subtitles files from one format to another use the Convert tool. It doesn't allow you to edit the file but only preview it and export to a different format. If you need to convert more than 1 file at a time use the Batch Convert app.

  • To see the difference between 2 versions of a subtitles file you should use the Compare app. It's a read-only diff viewer to analyze the difference of 2 subtitles files.

Pro vs Regular

The pro variants of our tools include several professional features. The major additions are:

  • Waveform graph and shot-changes marks on the timeline for local video files generated using the Ooona Agent (an application you need to download)

  • Checks and fixes - run automatic checks and fixes on the entire file to find issues or make adjustments.

  • Merge another file into your project - you can import just the text, just the timing or append all the subtitles from the other file to the current project.

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