Project Settings - Cues tab

Project Settings - Cues tab spotting, minumum, maxumum, duration, gap, shot, cut, scene change 

This tab in the Project Settings allows users to define all the parameters regarding time cues. 

  • Minimum subtitle duration: This allows users to define the minimum subtitle duration of all the subtitles in the current project. According to most scholars, the duration of a single subtitle should never be less than one second, otherwise it will seem to flicker, and viewers won’t be able to read it. However, it is always crucial to check with your client and follow the given parameters;

  • Maximum subtitle duration: Allows translators to set the maximum subtitle duration. The default value is 7 seconds;

  • Minimum Time Gap: Defines the minimum interval between consecutive subtitles;

  • Auto Comply Gap: If this option is checked, during the spotting process the app will automatically force gaps that are below the defined threshold to comply to that same threshold;

  • Snap Before Shot Change: Defines the number of frames before a shot change to which the out cue of a subtitle will be snapped;

  • Snap After Shot Change: Defines the number of frames after a shot change to which the In Cue of a subtitle will be snapped;

  • Shot Change Snap Area: Defines the threshold of frames before or after a shot change that the software will consider. If the in/out cue of a given subtitle falls within that area, it will automatically be snapped to the proper location (granted that Auto Snap to Shot Change is active);

  • Auto Snap to Shot Change: If this option is checked, in/out cues that fall within the Shot Change Snap Area will be automatically snapped to the defined location before/after the shot change.

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