Non-Drop Frame

Non-Drop Frame NTSC NDF, 29.97 non drop 

Non-Drop Frame timecode refers to a method of counting timecode in 29.97 fps video. It does not refer to actual frames of video being dropped that would affect video quality. Since 29.97 fps is not exactly 30 fps, when counting in non-drop, the timecode will get progressively further and further behind "real time." For instance, after 2000 frames a drop-frame counter will display 00:01:06:22, while a non-drop counter will display 00:01:06:20, but the content and real-time length of the video will be the same. The drop-frame counter is slightly ahead because it's goes straight from 00:00:59:29 to 00:01:00:02. To prevent drift, it is important to timestamp in the correct timecode format.

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