Menu and its components

Menu and its components main menu 

The Menu is located horizontally at the top of the screen. It is a collection of several submenus:  


Contains commands for the basic file operations concerning subtitle files: New, Open, Save, Rename, etc.


Accommodates all subtitle Import/Export functions 


The standard menu containing the following operations: Undo, Redo, as well as operations specific to the program: Find, Replace and Jump To


Timecode-related menu commands, such as offset, frame rate conversion and clearing TC values


Commands applied to the current subtitle: insert, remove, etc., as well as templated scripts for checks and fixes


Contains menu commands for customizing various settings, such as project settings, user config, hotkeys, etc.


Contains menu commands for opening video/audio files or video URLs, as well as setting Media Start Time code and loading separate waveform and shot-change data.


Provides information on the program and help on using it.

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